The Inko's Story

It all started in a Kitchen in New Jersey. The year was 2002 and Inko, our furry friend below, and his best human friend, Andy, were playing around with different blends of fruit flavors and white tea. 

A few experiments later - Inko's White Tea was born. People started to quickly hear about Inko's White Tea's superior health benefits and delicious flavors. Soon after, people in nearly every state could find a store near them that carried Inko's. It was pretty much a "Need" for most health conscious tea drinkers. 

In 2014, Inko's decided to take it's talents one step further - to ORGANIC! In 2014, the formula was tweaked to comply with USDA Organic rules and regulations. They said bye bye to the Crystalline Fructose, as it didn't align with Inko's strict health requirements!

Now, you can find Inko's in every corner of the US with a proud USDA ORGANIC sticker, displaying its 50 calories or less in every bottle!

Maybe it's time you join the Inko's White Tea movement. We think you're missing out :)